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Woburn Set to Have Medicinal Marijuana Shop in New Year

Oct 02, 2018 11:35PM ● By Dan Marra

Woburn will soon be home to the only medicinal marijuana shop along the 93 corridor, stretching from the New Hampshire border all the way down to Somerville.

Sanctuary Medicinals, operated by CEO Jason Sidman, has two additional medical marijuana shops in the state – one in Gardner and another in Danvers – and Woburn is slated to be its third location. The Commerce Way location is scheduled to open this January.

Sidman, who ran a hedge fund before turning his attention to growing and selling marijuana, knows firsthand the benefits cannabis can have for its users. He had a family member diagnosed with cancer and witnessed the pain the disease and then the side effects of treatment caused. Cannabis was the only way they were able to deal with the pain.

“I was blown away by how much it helps,” Sidman said. “And it’s why this location will be solely focused on medical marijuana. Patients have different needs than the regular public.”

While many of the medical marijuana shops could eventually turn into co-dispensaries serving the general public, as well as the medical needs of patients, that won’t happen at the Woburn location. The city voted against adult use locations, and according to Sidman, patients who are in need of cannabis have different needs than a customer using it for recreational purposes.

“A lot of patients have specific questions about the use and the effects it could have,” Sidman said.

According to Sidman, the Woburn location will have patient care advisors to assist with questions. Additionally, Sanctuary Medicinals has its own physician that will work from the Woburn location a few times a week to help with any additional questions or concerns patients may have.

However, in order to gain entry into the location, patients would need to already have a medical marijuana card issued to them by one of the state’s licensed physicians.

“This location will be dedicated 100 percent to patients,” Sidman said.

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