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Woburn Chooses New City Council president

Jan 08, 2019 08:18AM ● By Lisa Redmond
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WOBURN – The City Council on Tuesday, Jan. 8 chose Ward 4 Alderman Michael D. Anderson as new Council president to replace Richard M. Haggerty, who resigned his seat and president's post, to begin his new role as state representative for the 30th Middlesex District.

As part of the process to fill Haggerty's seat, the Council also outlined the procedure for filling Haggerty's one-year unexpired term as alderman-at-large. The City Clerk will publish a notice inviting all those interested in being considered for the post  to file a letter of interest and resume with the Office of the City Clerk by 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 22.

The City Council Committee on Liaison will interview prospective candidates on Jan. 28, 2019 and/or at such other time as scheduled. Then on Feb. 5, the City Council will select a candidate to fill the empty seat.

In a statement to North Suburban News, Anderson said he wishes Haggerty success in his new job and looks forward to working with him in the Statehouse on matters that impact Woburn.

 Anderson, a Woburn attorney, is serving his fourth term as alderman of Ward 4. He currently sits on the following Council subcommittees: Finance, Charter Rules and Ordinances, Personnel, Zoning Ordinance Review, and School Building Committee. 

"I am very honored that the City Council members selected me to be their President. We are very fortunate to have an excellent group of aldermen who are dedicated to the best interests of the City.  Their passion makes my job easy,'' Anderson said.

"One of the most important obligations that I have, and I know it is shared by my fellow aldermen, the School Committee and the Mayor, is to implement policies that continue to make Woburn a great place to live  - a place with great services, that are unmatched by surrounding communities, solid infrastructure and facilities (especially our schools) and, with our commercial base, an affordable tax rate for both our residents and businesses that makes Woburn thrive,'' he said. 

With the new Hurld Wyman school having just opened and the library renovation and addition almost complete, it is time to turn the Council's attention to a new firehouse.  "Any decision that is made will bear in mind the ultimate cost to the taxpayers and it will be our goal to only take on debt, to the extent that we have eliminated debt for prior projects,'' he said..

When matters come before the City Council, it is critically important that "we continue to exercise our due diligence while at the same time adhere to a timeline that streamlines the process for those who come before us – especially those who submit Petitions for Special Permits.  We expect petitioners to be prepared when they present their petitions before us and they can expect that their matters will be dealt with fairly and swiftly,'' he said. 

Finally, one of the most important goals Anderson has is to maintain the environment of respect.

"When it comes to debating matters, the Woburn City Council will continue to set an example for all government bodies (especially those in Washington).  Strong arguments may be made advocating differing positions, but when the debate concludes and final votes are taken, the disagreement is over.  Every member of the City Council will all be able to respect one another’s position and move on to the next matter with a blank slate and no grudges,'' he said.

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