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Woburn Elementary Students to See Increase in Art/Music Class

Apr 04, 2019 10:39PM ● By Dan Marra

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WOBURN – Starting next year, Woburn elementary students will be attending art and music classes weekly.

The change will begin in September now that the Woburn Teachers Association and the city of Woburn agreed to a new three year contract. The deal is retroactive to the start of this year and will go until 2021. The contract provides Woburn teachers with a six percent wage increase during the duration of the contract with annual salary increases of two percent a year.

According to Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin, the agreement includes more planning and preparation time for elementary school teachers, which the school department will fill with art and music classes for elementary students.

“The new agreement is fair to our teachers and taxpayers and will continue to move the Woburn public school system forward in a positive direction for our children,” said Mayor Galvin.

One of the biggest changes will be felt in the elementary school where Woburn schools will be expanding art and music for students. According to Superintendent Matt Crowley, in order to increase art and music classes, the district will be adding new staff. The changes will begin in September 2019.

“This provides our teachers with more collaborative planning time, and an opportunity to create interdisciplinary lessons,” Crowley said.

Currently, elementary school students have art or music once every two weeks for 40 minutes, and in previous meetings, the School Committee and principals at the Woburn schools spoke about the need to increase the art and music offerings.

“I couldn’t be more pleases with the result of the contract,” said School Committee member Ellen Crowley. “I felt like the children were in room with us. I’m thrilled to see an increase in specials at elementary schools and we have extremely exciting innovations coming out of bargaining process. The teachers of Woburn are inspiring and professional.”

 “This was a very collaborative effort and I hope to continue this positive relationship,” said WTA co-president Barbara Locke, referencing the contentious talks during last contract discussions. “The Woburn Teacher’s Association is about making Woburn public schools better, not for our staff, but for the children of Woburn.”

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