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We encourage businesses to become a community partner of North Suburban News. As a sponsor, you will be supporting an organization that provides a true community service to the towns where your customers and employees live and work. 

As a nonprofit news organization, North Suburban News depends on corporate and community support to make our work possible. It is their support that will make North Suburban News a success. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Marra at [email protected]

Sponsorship Options

Site Sponsor

A site sponsorship costs $5,000 and will run for one year. The sponsorship includes the following benefits:
  • The sponsoring organization’s logo with a link to their website will be posted to the North Suburban News homepage, as well as every additional site page, thanking the organization for their support
  • Inclusion in our weekly newsletter recognizing the organization for its support
  • Acknowledgement on North Suburban News’s social media channels for its sponsorship
  • Mention and recognition of the organization during community events
Sponsored Content

Using our expert team of writers, we will work with your organization to produce content that engages your customers, increases SEO, and encourages brand loyalty. We will help your business tell meaningful stories that both inspires and enlightens your audience. Sponsored content rates and frequency vary depending on your needs and budget. Organizations can opt to have content produced monthly, quarterly, or bi-monthly. All content produced by our team includes the following benefits:
  • Content will be posted on our site, shared on our social media pages and included in our newsletter
  • Your organization can also promote your content on your channels, including website, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Encourage colleagues, employees and friends to share the sponsored content
Thank you for considering a sponsorship with North Suburban News. We look forward to working with you. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Marra at [email protected] 
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News Tips
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