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We encourage businesses to become a community partner of North Suburban News. As a sponsor, you will be supporting an organization that provides a true community service to the towns where your customers and employees live and work. 

As a nonprofit news organization, North Suburban News depends on corporate and community support to make our work possible. It is their support that will make North Suburban News a success. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Marra at [email protected]

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are two main ways a local business can become a sponsor of the site. 
  • Become a site sponsor. Site sponsors see the value in the journalism we provide to our communities. They are supporting a community benefit and will be recognized for their contributions throughout the site.
  • Sponsored columns. The site has two columns that are regularly published - "Making a Difference" and "Nonprofit Corner". Organizations can sponsor either one of those columns. 
    • "Making a Difference" - This feature will highlight individuals in the community that make a difference. It will be a feature story of those in the region that make up the fabric of the community and have had a real impact on the region.
    • "Nonprofit Corner" - This section will highlight local nonprofits that has had a real impact on the community, focusing on their role in the region and what they've done to make a difference and how the community can continue to support them.
For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Marra at [email protected] 

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